Market research: Do it right. Reach new customers.

Customers change what they buy. Do you change what you sell?

Market research is crucial for every business. Effective market research helps you better understand your customers, their needs, and their behavior and product preferences. It’s also necessary to identify underlying trends in your sector. Ultimately, great market research allows you to increase sales, reduce risks, and improve brand awareness.

However, not all market research solutions are created equal. Traditional solutions with periodic reports informed mostly by surveys and consumer groups are outdated. New AI-based technology is here - completely transforming market analysis, market research, market reports, and above all - market opportunities.

Frequency of update

Market Reports - Market report usually conducted every 3 months.

Adapt - Updated daily or weekly - your choice. Always up-to-date list of top trending products. Always available on your computer or smartphone.

Time Investment

Market Reports - Whether you conduct your own in-house market research or outsource the whole process by buying reports or hiring another company, the time cost for procuring reliable, effective market research can be enormous - not to mention the time it takes to analyze and interpret findings.

Adapt - All the top trending products of the week are in one dashboard. Reports are structured the same every week - with your favorite fillers and columns. Everything is easily customized to fit your preferences.


Market Reports - Usually done manually, traditional market reports suffer from a lack of accuracy because accessing sample populations that accurately represent target markets can be extremely difficult. For example, surveys are notorious for poor response rates. With incomplete and inaccurate information, fully understanding the needs of your customers is impossible.

Adapt - Reports are generated - without any human intervention - based solely on the data of all major websites of your sector in your country. Achieve an entirely new level of confidence by removing the guesswork and getting an unbiased view into what customers actually do - not just what they say they do.

On time Insights

Market Reports - Traditional reports do not offer on time Insights. When you order a market report, you get the analysis relevant to that timeframe, as the research team defined it.

Adapt - Compelling insights. On-time. With simple suggested actions. Customize your own alerts and even get them sent directly to your email - daily, weekly, or monthly. Forget ‘digging into data’. Forget weeks of analyzing.

Market research: Do it right. Reach new customers.

Market research is better, faster, and more accurate with Adapt.

Schedule a live demo and see in action how Adapt increases sales..

Schedule a live demo and see in action how Adapt increases sales./p>

Schedule a live demo and see in action how Adapt increases sales.

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