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Focused on business impact

Set a clear, bold vision and KPIs for Digital. Explore how Adapt helps you to execute by taking easy-to-use actions focused on business impact.


Never before seen scale in one click.

With Adapt’s easy-to-use Workspace panel, you get a list of clear and easy-to-use reports giving you an inside look at how your products are presented on the web. All websites your products are sold in, in the same report, at once.


Be first to respond.

The consumers are moving fast, very fast. Online websites are changing fast, too. With Adapt’s Alerts panel, you get on-time alerts/actions that help you to keep up and respond quickly to thrive in today’s dynamic market.


Visually. Share Results.

Track progress periodically with up-to-date custom charts that inform and assist toward achieving KPI goals. Share results across the entire company, inspiring and informing everyone - garnering respect and opening the door for new ideas. With Adapt, all this can be done easily with custom-made charts that show progress clearly.


Fueled by Top 500 companies expertise.

Adapt’s wealth of experience has led to a deep understanding of the unique needs of large enterprises for customization, measurement dashboards and enterprise-level support. With a proven track record of helping Top 500 companies grow and win, Adapt ensures your success.

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Travis, Chief Digital Officer

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