6 steps to find the top trending products.

X10 new sales. Simplified.

It’s all about the consumer - their journey, what they want to buy and how they make decisions.

Consumers’ trends are always changing. Meeting the needs of customers both today and tomorrow can be challenging. It becomes even more difficult in sectors like Fashion - where every new season brings thousands of styles to choose from. It can feel impossible to know which products will perform best.

Adapt AI technology makes meeting consumers' needs easy by identifying the top trending products, enabling you to follow changing consumer trends and adjust immediately.

Stage 1 - The 1% Rule is the secret to growth.
Keep pace with the top trending products.

Your top 1% products will often produce most of your sales. Getting the ‘right’ product from the supplier’s catalog is the difference between profits and losses. Adapt’s AI technology applies priority scoring for every product and hones in on the top 1%, enabling you to find and offer the best-selling products.

Stage 2 - Simplify. Clear view of products you don't stock.
Limitless easy-to-use filters.

Finding the top 1% trending products, eliminating products you already have - it’s an exhausting task.

Adapt’s AI technology cross-references with your current products and filters the list for you. Limitless filters with a single click sort by: brand, color, gender, product type and more.

Stage 3 - Buy fast.

Order the top trending products quickly from suppliers with the best terms you can achieve.

Stage 4 - Do it right. Promote, Compare, Win.

Present cash-cow products on your front pages, price them appropriately, and promote them in your campaigns. Monitor competitors’ prices, promotions and page positions with Adapt’s user-friendly dashboard.

Stage 5 - Grow. Enjoy the new website traffic.

Use Adapt’s dashboard to measure sales volumes and identify the products that drive profits. Adjust accordingly.

Stage 6 - Keep it fresh.

Consumer trends are always changing and changing quickly.

Periodic market trends reports belong to the past. Adapt’s dashboard provides on-demand access to each week’s top trending products in one simple dashboard - always available, always up-to-date with top trending products.

Schedule a live demo and see in action how Adapt increases sales.

Schedule a live demo and see in action how Adapt increases sales.

Click to get a free market analysis report of your company and watch how it works.

Click to get a free retail market trends report of your industry and watch how it works.

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