What is A Perfect Online Store Platform?

The front door of every store now begins online, 58% of all buying trips begin at an online website.

Setting a clear, bold vision for the Digital that is focused on business impact is the first stage.

And then comes the second stage of executing it.

In this article we’ll present the Perfect Store Online Platform - a simple way of linking the vision and digital strategy to the online business growth with clear KPIs.

The Perfect Store Online Platform goal is to increase online sales by ensuring the products are presented perfectly on the websites.

The KPIs to maximize online sales fall into 5 key parameters

  1. Portfolio and Availability
  2. Product Content
  3. Searches
  4. Price and Promotions
  5. Share of Digital Shelf and Category Placement

#1 - 100% AVAILABILITY. Be there. No excuses.

Product availability is one of the main reasons for losing sales. Consumers can’t buy your product if it’s not available.

Essential to make sure all relevant portfolio products are available for sale across all websites you're sold in.

For multi-channel retailers, offline and online product portfolios can vary significantly from each other, making it even harder to keep eyes on availability.

The 'Pareto' products that generate the most sales, need the most attention. Use Adapt's POS Platform to keep your availability rate on 100%, every single day.

#2 - GREAT PRODUCT CONTENT. Help consumers to buy from you.

The product content page is crucial. It lands customers on what they want, drives brand awareness and need to be optimized for search-engine results.

Great content is a combination of professional-level imagery and videos, complete product descriptions, right keywords and authentic reviews.

Consumers rely heavily on the content to help narrow the vast choice available online and motivates them to jump on a great opportunity and skip the competitors.

Filtering based on product characteristics is a popular way to search. Think of the colors, diet relevance or hypoallergenic properties. In some sectors, stating some kinds of information is required.

However the distribution and maintenance of product content for the online channel is one of the greatest challenges for brands.

Use Adapt's POS Platform to ensure that online product information is accurate, correct and complete, and meets all guidelines of the Brand.

#3 - TOP IN SEARCHES. Unsearched = Unsold.

Online sales are greatly impacted if your product appears frequently in the top five search results, or at least in the first one-two pages. Also, all text associated with a product must contain the relevant search terms.

Many websites can also provide you with the most used keywords that most often lead to a purchase in your category. Ask about the search terms that lead to the most conversion in your category and be sure to include them in your product names and marketing messaging.


Who doesn’t struggle with that? Yet, it’s the main component of product profitability, for both retailer and brand. It is good to follow the price levels and promotions in the category closely. We’re not talking about frequent, haphazard price-cuts, but a strategy that includes checking competitor's promotions before your promo week or making sure the prices are alighted with your policy.

Also, brands sometimes want to maximize their average selling price, while ensuring there’s scope for promotional activity. Retailers sometimes want to lower the selling price to maximize website traffic by attracting new customers or increase market share to improve their relative pricing position.

There’s a lot to consider. You may have a price agreement with the manufacturer or brand. Your cost may be higher than competition’s. In some retail sectors, prices change frequently, such as groceries and electronics, making it harder for retailers to monitor and adjust according to competitors prices.

With Adapt's PSO Platform you can confidently act based on a complete view of all the up-to-date promotions and prices of the online landscape.

#5 - LEAD THE DIGITAL SHELF. Be in the front.

Anywhere beyond the first page and your product is languishing on the 'bottom shelf', gathering dust.

A significant proportion of consumers browse through the category tree in addition to, or even instead of the search box, in some retail sectors, such as Electronics. If your product is featured in the wrong category or sub-category, there’s little chance consumers will find it.

With Adapt's PSO platform you can discover all categories and positions you placed in. Take control over how your products are categorized and you'll get on the upward spiral. Correct category and high position drive conversion, in turn conversion and sales drive even higher website position.

Complete monitoring of your brand's online presence is the key to increasing online sales, and it can be done in an easy and quick way with the Perfect Store Online Dashboard, Globally.

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